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Co-Owner Michael Iudice

Michael has worked for over 18 Years in the music, entertainment, travel and tourism industries as a web designer, programmer and manager. Inspired by his own previous career as a musician and drummer, Michael has worked with a large variety of entertainers as well as the thriving local tourism and travel industry. He has a knack for small business, and has worked with a large variety of small businesses helping them create a web presence, from Dentists and Lawyers to Spas and restaurants and more. He also has worked in the educational realm, as an educational technologist for national distance learning companies such as Aventa Learning and Knowledge Learning Corporation, as well as a web designer for government organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Michael possess a unique background that includes a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating on the Social Science disciplines of Psychology and Sociology, 18 years of entrepreneurial business operations and vast technology experience in the web industry working remotely with a variety of professional, entertainment, non-profits, and educational organizations.

Co-Owner Megan Iudice

Megan has worked as a web strategist, manager and administrator for over 18 Years with organizations who seek enlightenment through healthcare, non-profit, educational, environmental, research and scientific missions. She created her first website using pico and unix in 1995. Driven by her strong commitment to assist many non-profits in attaining their goals to make the world a better place, Megan has created and maintained websites for organizations such as the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN), Public Lands Institute, and the San Jose Public Library Foundation. Dedicated to lifelong learning, Megan has also worked as a web communciations specialist and manager with a large number of academic institutions such as Naropa University, Clark County School District, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Knowledge Learning Corporation. She also has a strong background in the scientific research and government community, having worked with institutions such as the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), NIST, and the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies. Small businesses are also something Megan strongly supports and has worked with a large variety of industries including eco-friendly clothing, organic beauty products, nutritional supplements, and wellness practitioners to name a few. Most recently Megan has held the role of the sole web site administrator for the entire California and Nevada Division at one of the largest for-profit health care facility company in the world. In addition, she serves as the Website Manager for the The CLUB, a non-profit women's leadership organization.

Megan possesses a unique combination of corporate healthcare, small business, educational, non-profit and scientific experience which she utilizes to leverage advanced technologies to disseminate information. In addition to her BA and MA in English Literature, her skillset also includes all industry standard web software applications and programming languages, as well as new media technologies such as online marketing, distance education, online learning, learning and content management systems and ecommerce applications. She has a background in writing, instructional documentation, contract and proposal writing. She is also certificated in online learning and teaching.


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